Get your roses, chocolates and candy hearts ready – the third largest US consumer holiday is just around the corner! According to the National Retail Federation, Americans are expected to spend $19.6 billion in the name of love this Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’re buying a gift for your spouse, taking a date out to a fancy dinner or treating a pet to a new toy. Or maybe you’re treating yourself this year!

Chances are you’ll be opening your wallet to celebrate the love in your life – whoever or whatever it may be. Could your spending habits point to another match you could be making on February 14? Let’s take a look at how you love to spend for Valentine’s Day and find out!

Your Valentine’s Day Financial Matchmaker

Your V-Day Philosophy: Showing I care doesn’t have to cost a lot! For me, the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is on a budget.

Your Go-To Gift: Something homemade, or you’re one of the 32 percent of consumers who will be buying a gift for your special someone at a discount store.

Your Perfect Match: A debit card that keeps you on track. You set a budget and keep a close eye on your spending – and make sure any V-Day treats fit in. A safe and secure card that lets you spend directly from your checking account and view your real-time transaction history is just the card you’re looking for!

Your V-Day Philosophy: Another day to lavish my love with gifts and affection? Yes please!

What You Have Planned: You’re a part of the 35 percent of couples planning a romantic date night this V-Day. Whether you’re cooking a candlelit dinner at home or have a long-standing reservation at the swankiest place in town, you bet it’s going to be special.

Your Perfect Match: A credit card with perks. You use your credit card wisely and like to be rewarded for your purchases. A card that gives you points at restaurants, the grocery store, or when you’re buying a gift for your special someone is your match made in heaven!

Your V-Day Philosophy: It’s the thought that counts! I’m making an effort to show you care, but I’m not one to go over the top.

Your Go-To Gift: You want to stick to what you know your significant other will love. 94 percent of Americans are hoping to receiving sweet treats this Valentine’s Day, so there’s chocolate in your purchasing future. And considering $1.5 billion will be spent on gift cards this year, you may be picking one of those up, too.

Your Perfect Match: A prepaid gift card that makes gift-giving easy. In your book, it’s better to give than it is to receive – and you want your Valentine to get something they really want.  A personalized gift card they can spend anywhere is a perfect fit!

Your V-Day Philosophy: Why buy a gift for a Valentine when I could buy a gift for… myself?! February 14 is one of my favorite days to treat myself!

What You Have Planned: Flowers and chocolate, a day spent watching your favorite movies without interruption, a shopping spree… or maybe all three! You’re still figuring out how you’re spending Valentine’s Day, but you’re proud to be part of the 27 percent of singles who plans to buy themselves a gift this year.

Your Perfect Match: A financial tool that helps you invest in you. An investment portfolio that only requires a little bit to get started is a great way to reinvest the money you’re saving by celebrating V-Day for one this year. Putting it toward your future is the ultimate way to treat yourself!