Did you know April is National Poetry Month? We’re celebrating accordingly with fun “Rhymes About Your Dimes.” Check out our financial odes below, and feel free to share your own rhyme in the comments below!

Home Equity Loan – Haiku

 Visions of stainless

Designing your dream kitchen

Will you make it yours?

What’s in a Card? – Limerick

It’s a piece of plastic you carry everywhere

Making basic purchases by swiping here and there

The best way to use it, if you really want to know

Pay off each purchase to keep your balance at zero

Rewards you earn per swipe could take you somewhere!

All’s Well When You Retire Well – Shakespearean Sonnet

Money can’t buy happiness, this is true

Family, friends and love aren’t found in a store

But come end of the month, your mortgage is due

Money bought the house, but it means much more

It’s your home, palace, castle in the sky

With a shining chariot to call your own

You gather these things on your journey through life

A humble legacy, a stepping stone

When it’s all said and done, this life is yours

You built it up, so it’s time to be inspired

Live for the moment, we’ll help with the chores

Ride into the sunset, happily retired

We serve where you serve, no matter where

And as our member, it’s our job to get you there

These Two Make a Cute Couple(t)

Some study astrology, and some study the economy

I don’t see much difference, honestly