If you have a four-legged friend, you’ve probably been here before – It’s morning and the soft morning sun starts to beam through your eyelids. That, or your dog’s woken you up with a few friendly licks. You walk into the kitchen to make your morning coffee, and as it’s brewing, walk over to the pantry to feed your little Fido (who’s staring you down with very cute, but hungry, puppy dog eyes). When you open up the container to give him a scoop of dog chow, there’s hardly any left. As you run to the store, you realize that this is the second $25 bag of food this month.

Dog ownership – while very rewarding – can come at a cost. But dogs aren’t the only ones who can learn a few tricks! Whether you own a dog already, or are looking for a furry friend, here are a few money-saving hacks that can help take the bark out of your budget – in honor of National Dog Day on August 26!

1. Keep your kibbles fresh

We all know that dog food can be pricey. Make sure food stays fresh as long as possible by investing in airtight containers. Stale dog food doesn’t do a body good – and a one-time investment in proper storage can help you save money over time.

2. Make a DIY dog bed – and more

Dog beds, depending on how big your dog is, can be expensive. Put a personal touch on your pup’s cozy place to sleep by turning old clothes, such as t-shirts, jeans and sweatshirts, into a new dog bed. It’s the perfect way to clean out your closet and make sure your dog has a perfect place to cuddle up. Plus, you know your dog will fall in love because it has their favorite human’s scent all over it! All you’ll need to pay for here is needle and thread (if you don’t already have them).

And while you’re in the DIY zone, show your pet some love by getting creative with a few other things around the house! There’s plenty you can use to make your own toys, treats and other fun things for your pup. Let’s take a look at a few more DIY hacks:

3. Pamper your pooch at home

Grooming is a challenging feat – especially with a wriggling puppy. But what better way to bond with your dog than at-home pampering? Depending on the size and breed of your dog, average grooming costs in the US run between $30 and $90 per appointment. Grooming at home will only cost you money periodically for things like a pair of scissors, a brush and shampoo.  So save that cash and considering treating yourself – maybe with a manicure and pedicure, and one for your pooch, too!

4. Spend some to save some

You know first-hand how much your own health insurance saves you on medical bills. Pet insurance is a must if you want to own and keep your dog healthy. Just like human insurance, it will cost you each month, plus co-pays as needed. But protecting your furry friend and preventing high medical bills in the event of an emergency is worth the investment.

5. Make neighborhood friends

You’re going to have to leave your friend behind from time to time, whether it’s for business or pleasure. If you haven’t made furry friends in your neighborhood, now’s a good time to start! Boarding can be expensive depending on how long you’ll be gone. If your dog gets along well with others, there’s no shame in asking friends or family for help. Make sure you give them all they’ll need to care for your dog, like their food and any favorite toys or treats. And it never hurts to pay it forward when your neighbors need someone to watch their pup, too!

It’s true what they say – a dog is a human’s best friend. Nothing can replace the feeling of walking though the door and being greeted with unconditional love every single day! But you don’t have to spend a lot to return your pup’s affection. Owning a dog is great responsibility and gives you the opportunity to be creative and save money. These tips are just a few ways you can get started! Make sure you give your dog plenty of treats today, and wish them a Happy National Dog Day!