The upcoming holiday weekend is just days away! We all know what it’s like to scramble to check off everyone on your gift list. With shipping deadlines creeping up – not to mention shipping costs to make sure your gifts arrive on time – you may be feeling more frazzled than festive. Giving cash might be your go-to solution to keep it simple. But if you’re looking for a last-minute gift, why not consider a financial gift that’s just as stress-free – and goes a little further?

Retirement Contributions

Retirement contributions are a timeless gift, thanks to the power of compounding. You could make a one-time contribution, or match the dollar amount they’re putting in for a period of time. Whether they have a traditional or Roth IRA, the money you add to their account will continue to grow over the years, which means this gift can go a long way for someone’s future.


Opening a certificate in someone’s name is a great way to help them start saving. Maybe someone on your list has a long-term goal they’re trying to save up for, like a down payment on a car or a vacation.  You can’t access funds until after the certificate matures, so you can help them get there – without the temptation to spend what’s been set aside. Plus, a certificate that allows for additional contributions will help them save even further on their own.

Student Loan Payments

For many recent college graduates, the student loan repayment grace period is coming to an end this winter. Balancing a new job and bills for the first time isn’t always easy, so why not help the college grad in your life out by paying off one of their monthly student loan payments?  A recent LendEDU poll found that the majority of student loan borrowers would prefer the gift of a loan payment to other gifts. Paying down someone’s debt is a great way to put a little extra cash in their pocket for other expenses going into the new year. It’s a gift any student loan borrower will appreciate – recent grad or a few years out!

Prepaid Gift Cards

If you’re still thinking about giving cash, a prepaid gift card is a great alternative. Simply choose the amount you want to give, and the recipient can use the card like a debit card. They’re safer than cash and can be replaced if lost or stolen. Plus – if you’ve been doing a lot of holiday shopping, this gift might even pay for itself! If you’re a Navy Federal credit card holder, you may be able to use rewards points earned from your holiday purchases toward a gift card – instead of paying for it with cash. That’s a gift to someone else – and your wallet!

Financial gifts like these may not be at the top of everyone’s list this year – but they’re a gift you’ll be thanked for in the future!