Time is money.

In fact, an article from Stanford University argued time is far more valuable than money due to the fact you can use time to make money, but you cannot use money to buy more time. Everybody has 24 hours in a day.

So how do you best use that time when it comes to your finances? It is possible to shave off minutes a day, even hours, by using a mobile phone!

Here are four ways to save some time – and ultimately put money back in your wallet – with the Navy Federal mobile app, available for iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ and Kindle Fire:

Navy Federal login passcode

Logging in with a four-digit passcode instead of your member account number and password sounds simpler, right?  Setting up your passcode only takes a few seconds, and it even adds an extra layer of security.

In an unofficial field test, I compared the time it took to fully login to the iPhone mobile app, compared to using the login passcode. The difference? Fourteen seconds. Assuming I login to my app three times a day, each day for a year, that saves 255.5 minutes annually, or roughly 4 hours 15 minutes. What would you do with an extra four hours per year?

Tip & bill splitting

You are at a restaurant with co-workers or friends. Inevitably the bill arrives, and that dreaded moment of figuring out who pays for what comes. Instead of trying to figure out tax, tip and splitting the bill with your calculator, Navy Federal mobile apps have a great feature under “Tools” that allows you to figure this out quickly and without fuss. Simply enter the total amount of the bill, the tip, and how many people to split the bill between, and you are done!

The feature even specifies the tip amount in dollars and the total per person. Now the real question is, who’s paying for ice cream later?

Bill pay

Bills. Everyone has them; nobody loves paying them. There is no need to slog through the endless paper statements of bills and manually check each one. Some bills we know are going to come each month (electricity, gas, phone, etc.). These types of ongoing bills are perfect for automatic bill pay, which is a feature that can be set up whether you’re at home using your mobile phone, or on vacation and just remembered an important bill needs to be paid.

Simply add the biller’s name as it appears on the bill, enter the account information, which account to pay from, and the date the bill needs to be paid, and you are done. There’s no price you can put on peace of mind, knowing your bills will be paid on time.

Mobile Deposit

This feature has gained popularity over the last several years, and for good cause. It prevents members’ from physically having to deposit a check at a branch. Think of the time it takes to sign the check, hop in the car, drive to the nearest branch, wait in line, and drive back home.

With mobile deposits, you just sign the check, login to the app (hopefully with your new numerical passcode!), take a picture, and transaction complete! The transaction appears in your account in only a few days and saves you a trip to a branch.

There has never been a better time to save time, especially with mobile banking. So what are you waiting for?

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