Navy Federal is excited to announce the recipients of this year’s Super Saver Awards! You’ll be blown away by our young members’ savings strategies! After we reviewed all your video submissions, and our savings team narrowed it down to 2 awardees – one from Teen and one overall Youth Super Saver of 2015.

This program recognizes young people whose savings strategies are wise beyond their years. Parents of kids ages 9 to 17 who are members or eligible to be members of the credit union were encouraged to nominate their child to apply and show how fiscally responsible they are. Strong commitment to money management, an entrepreneurial spirit and community involvement were some traits the judges were looking for.

Our top youth super savers were chosen for their entrepreneurial spirit, their strong commitment to saving, and community involvement and leadership.

Overall Super Saver: Abel M.

6th Grade from California
Prize: $2,500


Abel M. is 11 years old and is already on the path to financial success. He maintains a ‘Money Binder’ to organize his spending, savings and charitable giving. Abel saves 50% of his income for college and 25% for a car by putting it into his Navy Federal SaveFirst Account.

Navy Federal Youth Super Saver 2015

“[Some] people have piggy banks; I have a Money Binder.”

Teen Super Saver: Lauren O.

12th grade from Virginia
Prize: $1,500

Lauren O. Teen Youth Super Saver 2015

Lauren O. is a high school senior and has been busy paving the way to her future financial and academic success. She’s heavily involved in community service projects and is pursuing her dream of becoming a dentist. Lauren became a Certified Nursing Aide to save money for dentistry school.

“I save my money in savings account, invest in stocks and add to my money market account.”

You may have noticed that Navy Federal has some really savvy young members. Congratulations to Lauren and Abel!

We’d like to thank all of those who applied for the 2015 Super Saver Award. Keep up all the great work you’ve been doing, planning and saving for the future!