The results are in! The 2015 President’s Wellness Challenge was a huge success. Across the country, 4,981 employees participated in this year’s challenge and are living healthier, happier and stress-free lives. That’s over one-third of team members!

What is the President’s Wellness Challenge

Each year we host the President’s Wellness Challenge, sponsored by our President and CEO Cutler Dawson. The goal is to support our employees in their journeys to lead happier and healthier lives through stress management, diet and nutrition and exercise.

To participate, employees commit to a personal wellness goal to improve their overall health and wellbeing. We provide the resources to help along the way with inspiration and coaching/counseling.

The challenge lasts 6 months, with check-ins along the way. Employees who check in at the end of the challenge receive a prize. In all 3,000 employees reached their wellness goals! Congrats!

Check out what amazing milestones we reached this year!

2015 President's Wellness Challenge Results