Navy Federal is thrilled to announce the winners of this year’s Get Going and Win challenge! The number of entries we received was mind blowing — thanks to all of you who participated and shared your stories!

Get Going and Win is a photo and caption challenge.

Entrants included a photo along with a caption telling Navy Federal what they’d do with a Consumer Lending loan: auto, motorcycle, boat, ATV, RV or airplane.

Our judges panel reviewed all your submissions and we’ve narrowed it down to 5 challenge winners. The following winners’ photos and captions were selected based on their creativity, appropriateness and originality.

Check out their incredible stories!

Get Going and Win Grand Prize Winner: Claire from Murray, NE

Get Going and Win - Navy Federal

There are 1,605 miles between Point Mugu, CA and Omaha, NE. When my Father was re-stationed, our family stopped at every National/State park on the way to our new home. With an RV loan, I would take my family back on the greatest vacation I ever experienced.

About Claire:

Claire is a 19 year old college student from Nebraska. She was born in Japan, and has grown up all over the United States. Once her father retired from his 25-year career in the Navy, Claire and her family moved to a ranch in Nebraska. Her father gave her a camera when she graduated high school so she could explore her hobby as a photographer. Claire used that camera to take her grand prize award-winning picture.

Claire loves Navy Federal because:

She loves using the mobile app on her smartphone.

Claire describes what she’ll do with her grand prize:

“I plan on putting the $3,000 toward savings, investments and college, and hopefully this money will go toward a car or RV in the future.”

Second Prize Winner: Monique, Chesapeake, VA

Get Going and Win - Navy Federal

Time to upgrade from a “humpback” to a hatchback

About Monique:

Monique is a registered nurse working in Neonative Intensive Care and lives in Chesapeake, VA. She captured this photo of her neice, Ariella, at Penn State University where her niece attends.

Monique loves Navy Federal because:

“Navy Federal is always there when you need them.”

Monique describes what she’ll do with her second prize:

Monique has a college student of her own, and plans to use her prize money to help purchase textbooks as well as treat herself to a little something special of course!

Third Prize Winner: Diona, Camarillo, CA

Get Going and Win - Navy Federal

When I turned 40, a decade ago, I bought my first street bike, and became addicted to riding. Now I am turning 50, and I want to take up the trails with a sturdy dual. It is never too late.

 About Diona:

Diona is a microbiology scientist living in Camarillo, CA. Her favorite activity is riding motorcycles.

Diona took the “selfie on the bike” picture on the way to Oregon on a 10 day riding trip. The first time she sat on a bike 10 years ago, she gave her credit card to the dealer and bought it on the spot before even test driving it. Doina wants to get more into trail riding on a dirt bike and is “still shopping” for her next ride.

Diona loves Navy Federal because:

“They [Navy Federal] have been so good to me.”

Honorable Mention:  Alexander, Currently Stationed in Italy

Get Going and Win - Navy Federal

This summer, I want to hit the road and explore the great outdoors. Sadly, my ride is quite bumpy, it isn’t exactly city friendly, and it certainly doesn’t have enough trunk space. Oh, the stares I get! It’s time for an upgrade!

 About Alexander:

Alexander is an sergeant in the Marines, and is currently stationed in Italy. He loves travel and exploration. While stationed in Japan and vacationing in Thailand, his girlfriend took the award-winning picture.

Alexander loves Navy Federal because:

“Navy Federal’s convenience for members overseas is the best.”

Alexander describes what he’ll do with his prize:

Alexander plans to use his prize money to explore more of Italy while he is there.

Honorable Mention: Steven, Lolo, MT

Get Going and Win - Navy Federal

Buy a bigger boat so this doesn’t keep happening!

About Steven:

Steve lives in Lolo, Montana with his wife, five sons and daughter. He served in the Navy for eight years before being medically discharged.

The picture was taken at Camp Paxon Boy Scout Camp last month, where Steve is a volunteer Scout Leader.

Alexander loves Navy Federal because:

There aren’t any branch locations near his home in Montana, but Steve loves Navy Federal because the great mobile app makes banking possible 24/7.