These days most our television line-up is full of “reality” TV. But, honestly, how real is it? Entertaining? Yes. Real? Less than you’d think. Well we know some people with entertaining and authentic stories…YOU!

With a family of over 5 million members, we know that many of you are doing amazing things. It’s time to proudly share your inspiring stories with the rest of the world and shine a spotlight on the things you’re most passionate about. It’s time to make you a real Navy Federal celebrity.

So what exactly are we looking for? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Have you won a major award, for a really cool talent or skill? Tell us about it and let us know what you plan to do next?
Community Outreach.
Fostering a strong sense of pride and lasting relationships in our communities is really important to us at Navy Federal. So, if you’re lending your time and talents to a great cause, we’d like to spread the word.
Military Recognition.
We are always in awe of the selflessness and sacrifices that our military men, women, and their families make to protect our homeland. So let’s hear about it, heroes.

And, if you still need some inspiration, take a look at 30-year member, best-selling author, and lecturer Dick Couch. He inspired us to learn more about the many remarkable things that our members are doing every day. Now it’s your turn!

To submit your amazing story, send an email to, with the subject line “Member Spotlight.”