Life hurls unexpected obstacles at us, so being prepared is the best way to stay one step ahead. In observance of September, National Preparedness Month, we’re highlighting the best resources to develop the best emergency plans for you and your family.

Various government and military organizations have teamed up to support the and America’s PrepareAthon, by FEMA. Here you’ll find resources for general emergency planning, as well as natural disaster specific information.

The main military branches are also hosting websites with all the resources you’ll need to be informed and ready.

“Emergencies come from any direction: stay informed, make a plan, and build a kit.”
-Ready Marine Corp

The Ready Marine Corp site contains a host of tips, resources, planning materials and fun kid’s content.

Here are the weekly themes to get you ready for the most common emergencies and natural disasters:

Week 1: Flood
Week 2: Wildfire
Week 3: Hurricane
Week 4 Power Outage

There are tons that you can do this month to prepare such as:


Make an emergency plan

  • Figure out where to go, what to do and what to take with you in the event of an emergency.
  • Add a communication section to your emergency plan that tells each member of your family who to call and how you’ll communicate during an emergency.

Assemble an emergency supply kit

  • Don’t know what you need? The Ready Marine Corp site has an extensive list of necessary and optional items for your home emergency kit.
  • Already have a home emergency kit? Make additional ones for your vehicle and workplace.
    Safeguard your important documents
  • Make sure to have copies of your important financial, insurance and personal documents in a safe location.

View in FEMA Multimedia Library

Don’t want to plan alone?

Participate in a local class, drill, or discussion.

Follow @ReadyUSMC and @ReadyGov on Facebook® and Twitter® for awesome tips.

Check out what’s already out there using the hashtags #PrepareAthon and #NatlPrep.

Inform yourself and be ready for any situation that may arise.
Happy National Preparedness month!