Soon you’ll have another way to make secure, mobile payments with your phone! Coming soon to Navy Federal members, Android Pay™ will transform mobile payments to promote simplicity, choice and security when paying for things digitally.

We’ll be the first credit union to support Android Pay—a convenient and secure way to make purchases with your Navy Federal debit card on your Android phone. And there’s no additional cost!

How Android Pay Works at Retailers:

Android phones contain an antenna which allows devices running Android KitKat or higher to connect to payment terminals using Near Field Communications.  This technology allows an Android phone to connect by radio signals when placed in close proximity to a payment terminal.  During checkout, you place the phone near a retailer’s contactless payment terminal while confirming your identity with a fingerprint. You don’t even need to open the app. Once you hear the beep, the payment is approved and you’re good to go! With select retailers, you’ll also be able to have loyalty cards automatically applied.

Using Android Pay within Apps:

How often do you have to enter your credit card information and shipping/billing address when making purchases online? Well now you don’t have to. When making a purchase within apps that support Android Pay, just tap “Buy with Android Pay” and checkout is complete! Here’s just a few of the apps that will support Android Pay: EAT 24®, Chipotle®, Dunkin’ Donuts®, GrubHub®, Groupon®, and Uber®.


Everyone’s concerned about the security of mobile payments. Making payments with Android Pay will be protected through tokenization, the industry standard for secure payments. Your card information isn’t sent when you make a payment, instead Android Pay uses a virtual account number to represent your payment information.  This means greater security for you. In the event you lose your phone or, it’s stolen, you can remotely lock your Android phone with Android Device Manager. This will instantly lock your device and allow you to secure it with a new password or wipe the device clean of your information—providing another layer of added security.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to start using Android Pay, especially because it means no more overstuffed wallets! Google hasn’t announced a release date yet, but stay tuned for Android Pay’s release at the end of this year!

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