With Father’s Day coming up we’ve compiled some of our favorite thoughtful gifts for Dad that are great for procrastinators and look like you’ve been planning for weeks!  Here are some ideas just in case you haven’t found the perfect gift already:

1. Daddy and Me Date

Have the kids plan an afternoon “date” for them and Dad.  Kids will love to be able to plan an activity Dad would really like (i.e. minor league baseball game, a hike, trip to the movies etc.).


2. Personalized Apron

Summer is also official BBQ season.  Make Dad aka master of the grill a personalized apron that he’ll love to show off all summer long.  Start with a plain apron (available at local craft stores) and fabric paint or puffy paint.  Plan about 24 hours for the paint to dry once you’ve decorated.


 Via: Let Kids Be Kids & Pinterest

3. A Tackle Box

Make Dad a clever version of a tackle box full of fish themed candy. Use an empty plastic tackle box and fill with Swedish Fish, octopus shaped gummies, and gummy worms.  Perfect for a Dad that loves fishing!


Via: Let Your Scribbles Be

4. A Photo Mug

Order Dad a personalized photo mug with a pic of the kids or the whole family. Every morning his cup of coffee will bring a smile to his face J These are available online or through retailers such as Walgreens (starting at $11.99) or Walmart (starting at $9.42).


Via: Walmart

If you’re feeling crafty or prefer to DIY:

You can also design a mug for dad yourself.  Start with a plain white ceramic coffee mug and decorate with sharpie paint pens. Put the decorated mug in the oven at 350° for 30 minutes. Just be sure to leave the mug in the oven overnight so the ceramic doesn’t crack.  Baking on the paint prevents fading and smudging.

Here’s some inspiration from Pinterest:


Via: Pinterest

5. Breakfast-in-Bed

Treat Dad to a classic breakfast-in-bed made by Daddy’s little helpers.  Pull out all the stops: coffee, orange juice, eggs, bacon, pancakes, and fresh cut fruit.  Bonus points if you make smiley faced pancakes or decorate them with whipped cream to look like Dad.



6. Lego Cufflinks

Make Lego cufflinks for your favorite working Dad. All you need are blank cufflinks, a few Lego squares, and hot glue/super glue.


Via: Kate’s Creative Space

7. Car Wash Kit

Put together a bucket of car washing supplies for Dad so he’s ready to skip the car wash. Here are some things to include: sponges, a towel, soap, car wax and applicator etc. Don’t forget to help him out!


Via: Inner Child Fun


8. Father’s Day #1 Dad Trophy

Make Dad a photo caddy topped with a #1 Dad trophy. Michaels has a great tutorial and includes a list of all the materials you’ll need (minus whatever photos you want in the caddy). This is perfect for beginners and those looking to do something unique!


We hope these give you some great gift ideas that’ll bring a smile to Dad’s face!

Happy Father’s Day!