Navy Federal is proud to serve all branches of the Armed Forces, veterans and their families. This holiday season, we’re celebrating Veterans – Navy Federal members, employees and others who have made the transition from military life – in a few special ways.

Partnering with Veterans and Their Families

The Mission Continues

The Mission Continues helps veterans transitioning from military careers by empowering them to find purpose through another kind of service: within their communities. Navy Federal is proud to support The Mission Continues, and we recently joined the organization’s founder, Spencer Kympton, former Army aviation officer, to talk about the transition from military to civilian life on FOX News.

Through the Mission Continues, veterans work alongside non-profit partners and community leaders to mentor at-risk youth, improve community education programs, feed the hungry and more. These placements help veterans build on their skills and transition smoothly into civilian life, while sharing their dedication to serving others with their community.

Together with Navy Federal members we raised $50,000 for TMC in November. Navy Federal donated $1, up to $50,000, for every new member who joined Navy Federal throughout the month. A big thanks to our new members and current members who referred family and friends in November!

navy federal handing check to mission continues

You can learn more about the organization and how TMC and Navy Federal are helping veterans transition in the clip and links below:

The Washington Center Veterans Employment Trajectory (VET) Initiative

Navy Federal also supports veterans’ transition to civilian life through our partnership with The Washington Center (TWC). TWC’s Veterans Employment Trajectory (VET) Initiative helps veterans advance their career and prepare for the workforce. The program gives 25 veterans from around the US the opportunity to participate in a 10-week professional immersion program with:

  • A professional internship at an organization that matches their interests and skills four days a week
  • Workshops, course work and career coaching
  • Mentorship from other veterans who are leaders in a variety of sectors
  • Academic courses for credit
  • Volunteer opportunities

TWC’s VET Initiative helps veterans gain real-world professional experience so they can transfer the experience and skills they learn during their military career to a career in the civilian job sector.

Victor Davis Headshot

Navy Federal is proud to sponsor one of TWC’s 2017 VET Initiative participants, Victor Davis.

Victor served in the U.S. Navy as a Russian linguist in support of U.S. military and diplomatic missions. He is currently a rising junior in the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. He hopes to use his International Economics degree to conduct well-informed, rigorous, and quantitative analysis of all aspects of the world economy. He is particularly interested in international commerce, finance and financial markets, and recently interned at Izar Capital Group through the VET Initiative. We look forward to seeing where Victor’s future takes him!

Veteran Small Business Owners

Across America, veterans and servicemembers are discovering passion projects and second careers as entrepreneurs. A 2015 survey from the Small Business Administration (SBA) proves this: America’s 21.4 million veterans own almost 10 percent of small businesses across the country! Plus, former servicemembers are twice as likely to own a business as civilians.

Navy Federal is proud to support veterans and servicemembers who are pursuing their passions as small business owners. Every year, we celebrate a number of veteran small business owners who have gotten their start with help from Navy Federal during National Small Business Week in May, and continue the celebrations during Veterans Small Business Week in November.

Check out these spotlights on a few of our veteran small business owners:

Michael Signorelli: Pizzeria Bella Vista

While serving in the military, Michael Signorelli was stationed in Naples, Italy where he fell in love with Neapolitan-style pizza. He learned the craft of making the dish himself, and when he returned home and realized how few restaurants in America did the dish justice, he dreamed of opening his own pizzeria.

Robert Durant: Inland Wharf Brewing Company

Since college, Robert Durant has always had a passion for brewing beer. But when he joined the Navy, deployments and Active Duty service made it difficult for him to keep up with brewing. After 23 years of service, Robert was finally was able to get back to brewing and turn his passion into a second career. Serving both cask-conditioned beers and kegged beers, Inland Wharf Brewing Company is an up-and-coming brewery in Murrieta, California.

Dr. Jeffrey Kalkstein: Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic

Dr. Jeffrey Kalkstein is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate who served for eight years before pursuing another dream: becoming a chiropractic physician. When the practice he had been in for 26 years burned down, he turned an unfortunate event into an opportunity and reopened next door. Today, Dr. Kalkstein works alongside his wife and son together at their family practice that serves the Towson, Md. Community – including a number of Baltimore Orioles players!


Throughout November, we asked Navy Federal members to share their #ProudMilitary moment with us on Instagram. The photos shared throughout the month came from military veterans, parents, children and family members. We were touched by their stories of service. Here are a few of our grand prize winners:

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Are you a Veteran or a proud family member? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to share your story in our Comments section below. And to all our Veterans and their families – thank you for your service.