With a matchup between a team with a record-breaking ninth Super Bowl appearance and an underdog in the mix, all eyes will be fixed on the field at NRG Stadium this Sunday. Each year, the Super Bowl is one of the (if not the) most-watched televised sports event – and it brings in big bucks to the host’s local, regional and state economies.

In celebration of this year’s historic matchup, here are some fast financial facts about the year’s biggest game.

Who’s watching and where?

This year, 189 million Americans are planning to watch the Super Bowl, according to the latest reports by the National Retail Federation.

Over 72,000 will be watching the game from their stadium seats this Sunday. As of January 26, the average ticket price to attend this year’s Super Bowl was $4,744, and it’s expected to continue to rise as the game gets closer.

Meet your host city

$350 million is expected to flow into the Houston economy thanks to the big game. An estimated 140,000 visitors will be traveling to the Space City for the showdown.

Consumers will rack up the majority of their spending on hotels, entertainment, restaurants and bars. Hope the city stocked up on wings!

Quarterbacks vs. Commercials

The Patriots and the Falcons won’t be the only spectacle this weekend. The NRF reports 34.7 percent of Americans look forward to the game itself, while 17.7 percent say the commercials are their favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday.

And while 78.6 percent of Americans will watch the commercials during the Super Bowl for entertainment, only 10.3 percent of viewers say the ads will influence their purchasing habits.

Financial Field Goals

This year, total spending is expected to top $14.1 billion across the country. That number is down from last year’s total of $15.5 billion. For the 2015 Super Bowl, viewers and game day partygoers spent $82 on average. That includes food, alcohol, team apparel, party décor and the like. Over half of all viewers will host a party, attend a party or watch the game at a venue.

So, now that you know the numbers, who are you rooting for in Super Bowl 51?