Navy Federal Business Services member Tom Baumbach’s passion for barbeque started long before food trucks became mainstream in the marketplace. In fact, Tom’s inspiration to start his own small business came from local barbeque joints around the U.S.

Tom’s vision, along with help and support from Wendy, his wife of 29 years, and Navy Federal Business Services, was turned into a successful barbeque joint: Baumbach’s Pit Bar-B-Que & Grill. He and the “Q Crew” keep the home fires smoking in New Paris, Ohio with a restaurant, catering service, and food truck deemed the “Q-Shack.”

Jim: Please tell the readers a little about yourself and why you started Baumbach’s Best Q-Shack?

Tom: I started Baumbach’s Pit Bar-B-Que & Grill to be independent and free to be my own boss. My previous occupation as a sales representative for a wholesale produce company allowed me to travel around the country. Each place I went I would search out the best little BBQ shacks. I found that the local BBQ was better than the corporate chains by far – and I wanted to duplicate. Baumbach’s Pit Bar-B-Que & Grill has been on the market and growing for 10 years and we are preparing to purchase our second Q-Shack.

Jim: What’s the secret to making awesome barbeque?

Tom: Finding all the “right” combinations of different woods, rubs, meat, sauce, etc. One of our personal slogans found on our t-shirts is “Good Wood, Good Meat, Good Beer, Let’s Eat!”

Jim: What’s your biggest challenge in owning a restaurant?

Tom: Being in the restaurant business takes up a lot of free time. I’d say the biggest challenge is not taking enough time for ourselves.

Jim: What’s the first thing you did when deciding to start your restaurant?

Tom: Cook. No, seriously. We opened the doors and cooked our “butts off.” Literally and figuratively.  Ha, Ha.