Welcome back for the next installment of Ask the Expert, measuring social media success for small businesses! In this video, we sit down again with business expert Jim Salmon, Navy Federal’s Vice President of Business Services, and Michael Toner, Manager of Social Media for Navy Federal, to discuss how you can measure whether your social media content is working.

We pinpoint tips and tricks for figuring out if your audience is enjoying your posts, interpreting trends to better connect and determining if it’s time to take your small business’s social media game to the next level.

If you didn’t catch our last episode, you can watch the video here.

Feel free to share your own tips for success in the comments section below. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about a certain topic, let us know by commenting below and we’ll address it in the next Ask the Expert video.

Social Media Tip:

Make sure you’re tracking what’s resonating (and what isn’t) with your customers on social media so you can continually improve content by giving your followers more of what they want to see.